StudioX - how to convert a CSV file into Excel and vice versa

In StudioX, how to convert a CSV file into Excel and vice versa ? Write Text file does not work.

@Prinal_C - CSV to Excel…and Excel to CSV

MyInput CSV


Output Excel…

Output CSV(Untitled.csv created from the excel content which created in the above step)


Hope this helps…

Thanks ! @prasath17 I’m trying to convert a csv file like “test1.csv” into “text2.xlsx” using Read CSV activity. It shows error that file is already in use or you don’t have permissions. This is strange.

@Prinal_C - Could you please share the screenshot of your workflow?? I will look into it tomorrow morning…

Did you followed the same steps as shown above??

@prasath17 … it worked fine now. Thank you ! But have another question when you convert an Excel file (with header) into CSV in StudioX, you get extra header in CSV file like Column 1, Column 2 etc. Why does that happen and is there anyway you can remove from the CSV file ?

@Prinal_C - You are right…i too got that…but then removed “Include Headers” - Please see the screenshot again…


With include Header


Without include Header



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