StudioX:Getting stuck by "click" card

I have just started to use StudioX on Windows10 1903, with Excel 2016.

The problem is, every time I choose an action card “click” and try to indicate a target, Uipath gets stuck never comes back!
It occurs more than 10 times.

Would you tell me how I can solve this?

Hi @ayappi,
Which version of .Net Framework do you have?

Hi,Pabito, Thank you for your reply.I have .net Framework 4.8.
Which .net Framework should I apply for Uipath StudioX?

Afert writing messege above, I found and tried this:

maybe it works…?I will try to indicate a target some more times.

Net. Framework 4.8 is ok. You can try to re-install Studio using this method you pasted.

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I succeeded the first time, but it doesn’t work after the second.

The pointer has change to a finger shape, Uipath has stuck

Would you give me another hint to solve this problem?

Probably after first click the selector is changing it’s properties. You need to create dynamic selector which will take proper element each time.
Please check Documentation about selectors:

Hi, Pablito.Thank you for your suggestion.
However, it is getiing to worse.

I installed 10.1.2.

I choose an action card “click” and try to indicate a target,
and then Uipath gets stuck from the first time.

Sometimes a small window appears, but uipath also gets stauck this time.
There is no choice without reboot my computer.

Can you check during this freeze what’s happening in Task Manager? Any high usage of RAM, CPU or HDD?

I checked Task Manager just before this freeze. CPU 12%、RAM 47%、Disc 63%.
During this freeze, the display turned into blue or black, so I cannot check the Task manager.
I will send you screen shots.Uipath20191213.xlsx (3.3 MB) The display is Japanese.

May I know which application are you indicating with click card? I’m asking because some (let’s say more complicated) applications needs more time to identify the selector. I can show you example base on my computer (4core CPU, 32GB of RAM and SSD) how long it needs to discover click for just one element in excel:

Pablito, thank you for showing me that it takes sometime to identify the selector.

I am trying to indicate IBM Notes.
Afer waiting 30sec or 1 minitures, I can avoid the freeze.

I will start again to make workflow with StudioX.

Thank you for your support.

I hope the waiting time will be shorter.

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