studioX getting closed

while trying to use type into on a application from studioX and selecting a cell from Excel .The StudioX is getting closed.can somone help me into this ?

Hi @Navneetj3

Restart your uipath studio and check


@gulshiyaa i have restarted and tried several times .

Okay you used proper cards and activities?

yes i have indicated a application using application card .and using type into activity after that and trying to indicate a value from cell .

Before running the bot have you close the excel sheet

while trying to indicate the cell in excel the studio is getting closed .

I think there is a problem in your studio try any other Workflow and let me know if its working fine na let me check

I have tried closing the studio . opening the new instance ,but the issue is still there.


can you plese give more details of what you are trying to do ?
if you do try to type into excel might not be the right approach, and indeed we had several fixes on the typeinto activity that are fixed in soon to be released new version 19.12
If trying to write into excel best approach is to use “write cell” activity.
let me know if it helps

No I was using type into activity to type in a application .and indicating a cell in Excel to pick value from . As I tried to indicate the cell the studio is getting closed .I think it’s an issue in studio as I downloaded the latest community version .


can you please add the workflow and the logs? ctrl+L will get you to studio logs

Main.xaml (37.5 KB) 2019-12-15_Studio - (20.4 KB)

Hi Horia_belu
please find attached the same

Can you please upgrade to 19.12 version and try again?

i am using the community i think it will be updted automatically .now while i am trying to indicate the cell the studio is not crashing .