StudioX (First Automation Exercise): Unable to indicate Pivot Table due to TemplateReport option NOT being present - only Project Notebook

In the course Build Your First Automation (with StudioX), I do not have the option to select TemplateReport to indicate the pivot table that’s been created in the Report Excel file. Instead, I only have Project Notebook available. Any ideas on getting around this issue?

The top picture of the Text Builder is what the video displays and the bottom Text Builder is what I actually have available;

I am currently staging the activities to send to a Gmail account NOT an Outlook account.

All input is appreciated!!

I faced the same issue.
You must be sure that the excel file you indicate when adding the excel activity (the first activity you add to start building your robot) is the ‘Unicorn Name’ one. If the excel file you selected is "Project Notebook’, the project will recognize it as the ‘pivot table’.