StudioX feedback

Thanks @loginerror ! I will go back and verify if my evaluation version that expired after the evaluation period still indicates as Enterprise.

If so, your explanation makes perfect sense.

Following up on this, the Eval version did downgrade back to CE after the trial period.
Here’s a screen shot of the Studio that I work with on a regular basis.

At this time, I have two CEs running on my machine.



Actually, it is about the type of installer. Both MSI and EXE installations can be activated as Community Edition, but they do differ with the type of robot you have installed on the machine.

I think that in your case the Enterprise MSI machine-wide robot service with the version 2019.4.4 is taking priority of the newer user robot service installed with the EXE installer.

As such, your Studio CE 2019.10.1 is trying to run processes on the Robot 2019.4.4 and this is why the issue happens.
(I am actually not sure what the exact interaction is between two different robot services and Studio, but the fact is that it is not supported due to these reasons)

Understood. If I have to uninstall by current stable version, I have to plan and execute it. If my POCs stop working, it would be difficult to demo these ideas to teams in the organization.

I will update the forum once I’ve done this. Hopefully, there won’t be further issues.


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