StudioX Download Error


When trying to download the example from the Reboot your Skills Course I am constantly encountering the error attached.

Can you list the exact steps you are taking before you see this error?


Do not open Main.xaml from archive. You need to extract the archive in a local folder open the project from that folder.


Hi @EmiolaStellaD,

Just to reiterate the steps we took to resolve the issue during our session together, and also to buttress what @Mircea_Arhip posted above, endeavor to do the following:

  1. Unzip the entire contents of the zip/archive folder into any directory of your choice on your PC
  2. Then load the automation in UiPath StudioX by opening the Main.xaml file


  • You can open a StudioX project using your StudioX profile or Studio profile, but you can only open a Studio project using Studio.
  • Also, if you see that an activity is said to be missing, you can use the Manage Packages functionality on the ribbon menu to add new activity packages or update your old packages.


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