StudioX Community v2021.4.4 - new interface, where's the variables tab gone?

Hi, I’m using 2021.4.4 and the interface seems very different to most of the tutorials and even some of the help topics that you access from within Studio itself. For example, there’s no variables tab at the bottom of the screen and if you access variables via ‘value mappings’ there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to set what type of variable it is, only string. Control+ space doesn’t seem to do anything either.

Hi @gary3 ,

Would it be possible to share with us what the interface looks like? It might be on the StudioX profile, to switch to Studio, please follow the steps below:
Home > Settings > License and Profile > View or Change Profile
Hope this helps!


Also posting a link to a guide to the StudioX interface in case it’s useful. The UI is slightly different from Studio and has easy access to specific functionalities. Hope this helps!