StudioX Community 2020-2-0-beta 108: Error argument 'Variable' was not supplied

Since my Studio has been updated to beta 108, I cannot work with the “Excel Card” for my existing bot: If I add a new Excel Card, it will have the error “Main.xaml: Value for a required activity argument ‘Variable’ was not supplied.”

My “UiPath.Excel.Activities package” is still at v2.8.0 preview, but if I update it to the latest v 2.8.1 preview, all my Excel cards will be disable with the red “This activity is either missing or could not be loaded properly” messages.

Any way to have my robot fully functional ?


Hi, welcome to the community!
For that first error, please check the values for your variables values, some required properties may be empty or even with some white spaces as values.

I still not understand which “variable” is missing, all the required fields are populates.

Is that means I have to redo all my Excel cards since the StudioX has been update ?

did you try re-picking that path?

Can you show more of the flow?
Some things changed in 20.2, like breaking changes. if any activities are after the card they will need to be moved inside the card.
Did you updated the excel package ?

Oh ya! Multiple times! And also with a new Excel Card.

There are breaking changes between versions. So if you updated to 20.2 this might be the cause.
One thing you could try is this: the original project
2. move all activities outside the excel cards.
3.delete the cards.
4. update excel package to latest version
5.add again the cards and configure them identically (same paths/ references names)
6.move back inside the cards the activities
7.try again

If not you will need to start with a new project and do the flow again

Thanks for your help, finally I will redo the work flow.

This is because we are still in preview. Once 20.4 GA will be released this spring, no more breaking changes will appear between versions.