StudioX Certification

Hi UiPath Team,

I have already completed below mentioned training and have received certificates from UiPath -

  • RPA Starter Training
  • UiPath StudioX Training
  • Reboot Your Skills Diploma
    My questions are as below -
  1. Is there any paid certification for StudioX like there are for Associate/Advanced Exam ?
  2. Does the above mentioned three training can help in getting job or I need to do training in Studio also. Note - I do not posses programming skills.
  3. Is there any other UiPath certificate course which does not require programming skills?


Hi there! Here are some answers:

  1. At the moment we don’t have a StudioX Certification and we don’t know when one will be available.
  2. RPA is definitely a skill for the future. In my opinion, in a few years, having an RPA Software (e.g. StudioX or Studio) installed on your computer will be as common as having the Microsoft Office installed.
  3. The Associate Certification might be for you. You can find more information as well as some practice tests here RPA Certification Advanced RPA Developer | UiPath. The Learning Path you’ll need to follow is the RPA Developer Foundation.
    There are no programming skills required but it’s good to know the basic Computational Thinking concepts (you can find on the internet free courses on this topic)

Hope this answers your questions!


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