StudioX 20.10.2 version Feedback

Just before installed the StudioX 20.10.2 version for my project requirement. Awesome “Look and Feel”. Especially the PiP feature - It’s really very effective, Productive and more attentive. Currently doing testing on this version all features. I will share you the detailed feedback shortly.

Hi @senthilkumars4,
Welcome to the Community!
We are really happy to see this :slight_smile: StudioX has been made to simplify work for everyone. You don’t need to have any dedicated programming skills to build your own automation. Please enjoy your RPA journey!

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Hi UiPath Team,
We are using version of 2019.10.19. Whether the code/process using in 2019.10.19 will compatible with StudioX version? For eg., if the user already using the bot code process which has been developed by 2019.10.19 and they will be installing StudioX 20.10.2 version to use the same code. Is that compatible? Kindly clarify.

If by 2019.10.19 you mean the Studio (not StudioX) version then code will not work. Studio and StudioX are using quite different set of activities which are made differently. As Studio is let’s say more capable of functions like variable, code and more advanced stuff typically RPA-Dev oriented it can open and work with StudioX project but not in opposite way. Additionally activities are changing dynamically what means that sometimes same activity can be coded (in terms of background code) completely different across different version and this would require to perform some re-design inside the project.

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