Studio X Excel column sum

Is it possible to calculate a total of a column with StudioX in Excel?

Write cell and use text builder to write the formula like in excel: =sum(a1:a10) for example


@cornel.simons as Horia said, the way to do this currently is by inserting a SUM formula into Excel. Your other option (if using 20.8 or newer) is to create a “Save For Later” value, and inside a “For Each Excel Row” activity use the “Number” functionality to do a “saved_value + column_value”.

If you could share more about your scenario, that would be helpful for future planning purposes.

@AndrewHall is ‘Save for later’ of StudioX available in 20.6 or lower version ?

To use “Save for later“ you must be using a 20.10.* or newer build of StudioX, and you must be using a 20.10.* or newer version of the System package. The activity itself comes from the UiPath.System.Activities package, so if you aren’t seeing “save for later“ and you are on an appropriate version of StudioX Open package manager and upgrade your system package. Note, the 20.10.* System package are not compatible with builds older than 20.10.*