Studio X - Excel - Addition/Subtraction Formula - Some empty cells

I’m trying to add 2 cell and subtract us from another in Excel, Studio X.
In this some cells have numbers, some are blank.
I used, Use Excel->Excel for each row->Write cell and then formula for this.

When all the cells have numbers this works out correctly.
But when some cells are blank the formula is showing error.

How to execute this formula without any errors?

change the behavior for the For each activity from the properties panel. By default for each stops on empty rows. try changing this.

Hello, thanks for your reply.
I’m still getting an error.
Here’s what I want to do.

In above table, I want output column E = B+C-D
Write cell and properties as below,
write cell

Getting error as below,
When I do =SUM(B,C) I get output even with some cells empty. But when I try to subtract this to D, I get an error.

being inside the for each just use in text builder : =sum(B2:C2)-D2 and where to write just indicate to E2.

should work.
on for each check “has headers” and on write cell do not check “autoincrement”

if it is not autofillind the entire column, add autofill activity and point as source the E2 cell

Wow! Thanks a lot!
This worked perfectly.

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