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Activities at a glance

Studio‌ Web projects contain a single workflow just like in StudioX. To start automating, you can search through all available activities without installing any packages. Packages are automatically installed when you use activities that belong to them. Package updates are automatically applied on project reopening, keeping you up to date at all times without any heavy lifting.


The list of available activities and packages will be expanded continuously.

For now, activities from the following packages are available.
  • Workflow Control
    • (includes System, Orchestrator and WebAPI activities for those familiar with Studio and StudioX)
  • Back Office Automation
    • GSuite
    • Microsoft Office 365
    • Document Understanding
  • IT Automation
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Amazon Workspaces
    • Azure
    • Azure Active Directory
    • Azure Windows Virtual Desktop
    • Google Cloud
    • NetIQ eDirectory
    • Citrix

Configuring activities

Each Activity has input and output properties. To configure an Activity, use the options in the contextual menu next to each property.


Publishing projects

You can publish projects to your personal workspace feed. A process is automatically created when you publish a project to your personal workspace. You can then navigate to your personal workspace to schedule it, or to the Integration Service to run it based on an external event.

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I really like this studio.

Can you help me about one question i have?

We can build a for each datatable in this studio? Read a excel file in my OneDrive and make a loop through the values?

Tks for you atencion.

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Hi @Guilha

Thank you for your feedback.

Support for the Excel and for manipulating data tables in general is on our immediate roadmap and will be added in the near feature.

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