Studio Web Create File in personal Workspace

I have a project in Studio Web which currently works and it creates a file and uploads it in the specified location which is a storage bucket.

I can currently select my own personal workspace to use as a storage bucket, is it possible to set this to be whoever runs the projects personal workspace.

Eg If I run it, it’s conors personal workspace, if Frank runs it, it’s franks personal workspace

maybe the following will help

  • create a common storage bucket
  • link it / let it referenced to the XX own workspace

Ahh, so the file that’s created will be ‘custom’ to that user so to speak, hence why I wanted to create it their personal workspace

can you let us know more about the process deployment and folders.

  • where is process package deployed / published
  • where is the process configured and offered


UPD1 - Hint on Folder Path

  • all personal storage buckets do have the same name
  • the personal workspace name should be derivable from name as the pattern is: xxx’s workspace
  • process is offered in a not personal workspace folder

using the folder path should let us link dynamically the own storage bucket