Studio Web Community Preview

Cloud-First UiPath Automation

As part of our larger move to allow for more cross-platform automation, we are pleased to introduce a new member of UiPath Automation Cloud, Studio‌ Web.

The newest member of the Studio Family will be progressively rolled out to our Community users, so head over to and start building your own automations using Studio‌ Web in the browser. To benefit you must use a Community Cloud Account and might have to subscribe on the Studio‌ Web page.

What is Studio‌ Web?

Studio‌ Web is a browser-based automation development tool, for users who wish to start automating processes across online applications and tools such as GSuite, Office 365, IT infrastructure platforms, and more.

Studio‌ Web is the entry point to the Studio Family, allowing you to start automating your processes from any browser window and any operating system.

Your automations built with Studio‌ Web will work in Cloud with no further configuration or desktop installation needed. Once published, they can be scheduled to run on any operating system or triggered manually, by a calendar event, or by an external event.

You can also debug your Studio‌ Web automations directly in the UiPath Automation Cloud.

Want to learn more?

If you want to see how you can Automate I9 forms, work with Document Understanding and PDFs directly in the browser, or build a quick automation for Office 365 and GSuite check out the additional video materials we have published in the forum.

What is on our immediate roadmap

Studio‌ Web is a new option to start quickly with automation, with no downloads, nothing to install, and always up to date. Studio‌ Web empowers you to automate your repetitive tasks promptly with reduced friction. Be more connected with your team by sharing your automated processes from Studio‌ Web.

Since this is part of our cloud, it will receive regular updates and bring in new features as soon as they are ready to go. Some of the features we are looking at for our next few releases include:

  • share your personal automations
    Any published personal automation will be shareable with one click. Sharing your automations with your friends, team, or organization will be a breeze.
  • ready-made automations
    Consume one of the many ready-made triggered-based automation.
  • automation templates
    Customize any of the existing templates to match your needs.
  • go from Web to Desktop
    Studio‌ Web and StudioX have been built with compatibility in mind. If your personal automation needs to run across your desktop apps, you will be able to jump from Studio‌ Web to StudioX and continue to build your triggered personal automation using StudioX.
  • triggers directly from Studio‌ Web
    You will be able to jump right to automating with triggers without the need to think about packages and Integration Service configuration
  • a lot more activities
    Plenty of activities to automate all your use cases

We value your feedback

Please share with us your first experience with Studio‌ Web.

You can do so by:

We are excited to hear your feedback!


Was eagerly waiting for this update! :grinning:

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K


Thats a Great Rollout!!! :slight_smile:


Great, Really looking forward to work on Studio Web :heart_eyes:



Finally, that’s awesome news, Let’s have fun in Studio web :boom:



This is gonna be a Game Changer :smiley:


I just loved it :heart_eyes: :clap:


this is a great new, will be an amazing tool



wao !!! This is simply amazing. This will extend our cloud setup a bit ahead now.


Nice, tried this, Looking good :clap: :raised_hands:


This is Great!! Looking forward to work on it!


I’m happy to see this amazing feature and I’m waiting to try it and work on it


Very interested to see where this goes.

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Very interesting. Especially looking forward to triggers directly from Studio‌ Web. :clap:

That’s great! I will see whether to push or not every day. It’s really hard to wait!

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How to enable web studio, i subscribed 1month back but still its showing that studio will be ready to use soon

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Hello, amazing feature, does anyone know if the import works? What does it expect in the .zip file?