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i have a question regarding licensing. For my Bachelors Thesis my professor adviced me to download UiPath, so i followed the installation guide by Thomas Janssen (a known MVP) and he explained how to download the community version. He also displayed that the user can decide whether he wants to use the Studio profile or the StudioX profile.

Will the Studio profile be free of charge in the community edition? I have seen similar posts which deal with changing between Studio and StudioX, but they do not really address whether a pro or enterprise license is required for Studio.

I fear that i by accident could have activated one a pro / enterprise license. I checked in the orchestrator and there it says that i have the community license. Does that mean, that i can use the Studio Profile free of charge (as long as i of course only use it for own purposes and not for commercial use)?

I also searched the documentation regarding licensing but i couldn’t gather the information i was looking for.

To provide as much information as possible, here is a screenshot of my orchestrator license page (i blurred my organization name):

and also a screenshot of my Studio application (especially the bottom left corner) since this was requested in a Forum post dealing with a somewhat similiar topic:

I am sorry for those rookie questions. I just want to make sure that i did not by accident activate any paid plan.

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Hi @a-ioannidis

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The Community edition will allows you to use both profiles Studio and Studio X for free.

No need to use the Enterprise edition, for enterprise edition some of the features may added in the Orchestrator like AI Center, Task mining and number of robots, machines will be added.

For now, you Orchestrator is saying you are using Community edition. With out any doubt you can use the Studio and StudioX for free. You can switch between both profiles,
→ Go to Home page of Studio → Direct to Settings → Click on License and Profile as in your second image → Click on Change Profile → It shows both Studio and Studio X → By selecting anyone you will switch to that profile.

Check the below image I am also using Community edition I am also able to use the Studio for free,

Hope it helps!!

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Welcome ti the community

To make it simple

Yes studio and studiox are free in community

You are on community plan only

If you need to use any other features like ai center,communication mining etc…which are more advanced features then you need a enterprise trail or an enterprise license…

Foe all studio related ,UiPath apps,UiPath action center you can go with community plan

Studiox is more basic mostly for very simple automations and for people with little to no programming knowledge

In studio you ahve little more asvanced deatures and is auited for bigger automations

Hope this helps


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According to the following page, Community plan has 2 Automation Developer License.

And Automation Developer License allows us to use Studio, as the following.

So, we can use Studio under Community plan.


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