Studio versioning and upgrade

hello everyone,

i need to upgrade studio, currently i have orchestrator version 2021.10 and studio 2020.10.

I wanted to know, what is the latest stable studio enterprise version at the moment? And if so, where is it possible to download it from? Considering I have orchestrator on prem.

Also, could there be compatibility issues with the robots and infrastructure currently in place?


Hi @Kumar802

You can get the required details from the following resources:

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thank you.

One last consideration, when you say studio and robot must be at the same version, what do you mean by robot?

Are you talking about UiPath assistant? Or something else?

hi @Kumar802

Yes by robot we mean assistant.

Hi @Kumar802

To obtain the latest version of UiPath Studio Enterprise, you should visit the UiPath website and navigate to the Downloads section. There, you will find the available versions for download. Make sure to select the version that is compatible with your specific needs and requirements.



Robot (UiPath Robot) is a software component which is responsible for running the automation projects created in Studio.

When we say that these must be at the same version, it means that both UiPath Studio (the development environment for creating automation workflows) and the UiPath Robot (the component responsible for executing those workflows) should be running on the same version.

On the other hand, UiPath Assistant is a tool that comes bundled with the UiPath Robot and serves as a central hub for managing and monitoring your automation projects. It provides a user interface to interact with the Robot and control its behavior. Let’s say you want to run an attended process, you can trigger the bot from the Assistant.

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