Studio V 2018.4.3 Crashes

Hello, Guys!

Sometimes my Studio crashes when I use the Click activity. For example: I want to click a button in a browser, after I select the activity in Studio it makes the selection anywhere on the screen and hangs there. The blue hand appears. I am forced to restart my computer. My version is 2018.4.3 and .Net version 4.7.2.

@mauro.morais - I would start with updating my Windows and then if it does not solve the issue, try uninstall and reinstall of UiPath. Or try to uninstall all older versions of UiPath and then install the latest version.

Hi @mauro.morais

You might need to uninstall studio and install it again… let know if that doesn’t work. :slight_smile:

This is not the first time this has happened. I already uninstalled and installed everything again and it did not solve.:sob:

This is not the first time this has happened. I have already used all of the versions, including 2019. I uninstalled it and installed everything again and it did not solve.

Hi Mauro, what browser are you using? And how often does this happen? does is happen with other button/web page? Also, it would be useful for us to investigate if you provide the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities pack version.


@mauro.morais - What does this mean? Do you have a screen shot?

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The cursor becomes a blue hand and gets stuck in it. In the attached image I went to make a statement on the screen and it caught so.

@mauro.morais - Did you install the UiPath Chrome extension?

Hi, this has been happening for 1 month. I was using the 2019 CE version and now I’m moving on to 2018.4.3. I use Chrome, but it has already happened using Citrix and Excel’s pod. Right now it was doing an automation with a website and crashed. Then I turned off my machine and tried again, but it did not work. Attach the version of my UiAutomation.

Yes, I did install.

@mauro.morais - If you have multiple versions of UiPath, please uninstall all the versions and install only one version.

Also, what version of Windows you are using? And the .Net version?

I only have one version installed 2018.4.3 and .Net 4.7.2.

@mauro.morais - What is the version of Windows OS on your system? Can you check and install if there are any updates to OS? Are you seeing any errors in Windows event logs?

I’m using windows 10 home 1803. It’s all up-to-date and not updating errors.

@mauro.morais - Did you try your workflow in another browser e.g. IE or firefox? Are you seeing the same issue?

Also please attach your xaml file if possible.

No, I didn’t. I’ll try.