Studio Type Bot triggered from orchestrator?

Hi everyone,

I have been taking over existing orchestrator setup and have struggle understanding the setup as not having been previously working in orchestrator.

As per license I am having 1 unattended (Bot1) and 1 studio type bot (Bot2). Also there are 2 VMs w. studio bot (Bot2) being assigned to VM2 and unattended bot (Bot1) on VM1.

Am I correct in the assumption that this way Bot1 can only execute processes on assigned machine 1? However when I checked existing logs and triggers in orchestrator I found out that there have been jobs executed by Bot2 (Studio) on VM2 and triggered from orchestrator.
I thought only unattended bots can be triggered from orchestrator.

Can anyone quickly explain simply what is actually going on here :smiley: ???

Thank you very much in advance and best regards!



Check the triggers, If it is allocated to the bot1 only

If it is selected as allocated dynamically then Orchestrator will choose the available bot to complete the job

Hope this may help you


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Hello @nicortak, is your Orchestrator version 19.10 below?



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Hi @seanrockvz13 forgot to mention. Yes, On-Premise Orchestrator 2019.10.14.

Thanks Srinivas.
It is allocated to Bot2 only, which is the Studio type bot…

Hi @loginerror, looping you in.


Hey @nicortak

When can you see the logs on orchestrator?

  1. If the process been published.
  2. If Bot2 runs one of the process of Bot1(Environment should be having Bot1 and Bot2), in this case Bot2 should be having Non-Production/UnAttended license.
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Hi @nicortak

For 19.10, that’s normal. In the past the Studio license indeed allowed to schedule processes from Orchestrator (for debugging purpose).

Nowadays we have standardized things a bit in newer releases :slight_smile: (I’ll loop in @ovi in case I missed something).

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Thanks a lot! That solves the mystery for me :slight_smile:

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