Studio stuck while reading Excel

Hello guys,

As shown in the screenshot below Uipath reading the Excel file but not close, actually stuck in the process forever :smiley: . I sometimes got the same error and have to stop the process. While the process stuck here, i open the Excel file and seeing this locked by ‘another user’ but another user is actually no one, just robot. I also open task manager and not see any open Excel file, so what should do i need to do to avoid getting this error ? (using kill process maybe the solution :smiley:


Hi! Welcome to community!

There could be many reasons:

  1. File may corrupted
  2. Try to copy the data from this excel to another excel.

Follow the steps to overcome the issue:

  1. Use workbook activities instead of Excel activities…
  2. Close the excel before doing the process…

Please let me know if you need further assistance




kill excel process
Use workbook.
close workbook after reading.


Hey @ertgrl

Could you check with the latest Excel activity package and the modern Excel ones like so:

The modern Excel activities were design to try and help you resolve all those issues. The Excel Process Scope has some extra properties that might be helpful.