Studio shortcut proposals and ideas



Hi everyone,

we’re trying to put together a list of Studio shortcuts. Some of you have suggested already some specific shortcut but we believe there is a broader discussion on shortcuts and enhancing speed of RPA development within Studio. Here’s a list we have captured so far:

  1. Shortcut for creating an argument similar to Ctrl+K. RPA Developers usually create 10-20 arguments in some workflows. It would be easier (speed) to have a shortcut for creating an argument. This was initially raised by Teo here.
  2. Shortcut for saving work inside Invoke Code activity. The invoke code activity is a bit frustrating to work with. One suggestion is to implement an auto save or Ctrl+S to save rather than having to press Ok then open the Edit Code again each time. It is a bit slow and some users end up pressing Alt-F4 quite often to go back to the designer to check something only to notice they lost all the code previously entered.
  3. Shortcut for Search Activity and Library Search in Studio With 2017.1 we have a shortcut for universal search, we should have one for other search functions. Maybe an inner search, autocomplete like feature that the user can trigger via a shortcut to add the activity inline. This would also help keeping focus inside the canvas, search for activities, move up and down with keys to the wanted activity and hit enter to add the activity directly below the current activity. This was requested very often and also somewhat requested here.
  4. Shortcut for publishing packages
  5. Shortcut for traversing the breadcrumb Currently, the only method is to use mouse and click the breadcrumb where the user wants to return to.
  6. Shortcut for Expression editor This was initially proposed here.
  7. Shortcut for opening the invoked workflow that is currently in focus

Let us know what you think about these.

More importantly, propose others that we’ve missed.


Hot key to open Expression Editor

I would add a shortcut for focusing the output field from properties.
I also find useful focusing the main field for each activity when it is added in the workflow. (when using a Message Box let’s say, the Text field should be automatically focused)


Shortcut to trigger the type activity name and select activity, then enter to insert the activity to workflow.

Shortcut to close all editors Ctrl+w

Enter to open the selected file in Project panel.

Use other Shortcut to take place Ctrl+Space or make the shortcut editable, because it conflict with Switch IME in Windows.

Shortcut for Step over, Step into when doing debugging.

Hope UiPath become better and better.


Hi Teo, 2 questions what would be the behavior for activities that do not have an output field? And second, by main field you mean one of the fields that is in the context of the Activity box?


Tomy, for step over and step into we already have F11 and Shift+F11. Did you mean anything else?


If an activity has no output field, no field is going to be focused if the user uses the keyboard shortcut.
Yes, the main field is the same one that is in the context of the Activity box.


it’d be reasonable for Visual Studio users to expect to be able to right-click on variables in the Variables screen and Find All References from there, like they can do in Visual Studio


The Ctrl + K shortcut is very useful because it creates a variable with the type that the activity waits for.
For arguments you have to create it manually and if you need a datatable, you have to Browse for types and so on. That’s why I shortcut for creating arguments is very useful.


But an argument applies to the whole workflow. How would UiPath know what type of argument to create? these arguments could be used in multiple places…?


You are going to create the argument from the output of an activity and it’s going to be created with the direction OUT and if you create it in the input it’s going to be created with the direction IN


OK Sounds good. Have you been drinking lots of caffeine today? You are on fire!!


:)) No, I’m not drinking coffee. I gathered everything last week and today I had time to add them here


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