Studio, Robot and UIAutomation 2019.12 Preview Release

Looking forward to hearing the feedback on SAP Activities!



you are safe to upgrade to the latest version. I just did it few month ago.


Hi @LevKushnir,

Can we have this 2019.12 Preview Release included in prod environments? I see that the SAP UI Automations are great features which we are looking for. So wanted to know if we can start using it directly or wait for the stable release.

Let us know.


HI @ceeprakash

As of now, UiPath Community 20.4 Preview Release is available, which include even more improvements for SAP WinGUI automation and even more prebuilt SAP UI Activities.

“Preview Releases” are tested from our side, I would not speak about “non-stable” version. It is stable.

I would recommend to try it out in your test environment first, and then you can decide to go to the production.

Full link is here: UiPath Community 20.4 Preview Release

Best regards, Lev

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Thanks @LevKushnir. I had started using these activities now for my development.

Since I was new to UiPath; wanted to know what will be the next step after a preview release? will those be accomodated as part of subsequent regular releases? Reason for the question is… If i need to install as “Pre-Release” in Production environment (or) wait for these activities to be available as a standard release.

Additionally, Is there any samples available in educating me on how to use these activities. I researched in forum and couldn’t find specific topics addressing these with sample. I am specifically looking for “Call transaction” and “SAP Login” activities.

Tks - Prakash


The easiest way to learn more about SAP Activities is to visit the documentation page

You will find there SAP Logon, SAP Login, Call transaction and all others

The full “home page of SAP” is here:

Just to confirm in regards of releases. Yes, all SAP features are going into upcoming FTS and LTS versions.

Learn here, what does it mean:

Best regards, Lev

Hi Lev,

could you please help me, how to use the new version for the [UIautomation].[activities] package ?
In the manage package, I checked the preview version but there is only 2019.11 and no new version .

I want to use the activity read statusbar to read the error message from SAP .
My [Studio] version is 2019.10.4


HI @Michael_zhao

I would recommend to go for higher version - 20.04 as we have added a few more activities. The whole pack has now 9 SAP specific activities.

Check this link

Best regards, Lev

wow thank you for share