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Hello people,

I need your support please, maybe you can help me.


I get a daily email that looks like the following:

following customer/s has changed his/her tariff via the website. Request to process the request.

Customer details:
Business partner number: 1222222
Salutation: Mr.
First name: Franz
Last name: Kaiser
E-mail address:
Date of birth: 01.01…2021
Street: Hauptstrasse
House number: 5
Place: Moedling

Change of tariff 1:
Tariff name: Optima Flex BioGas
Contract account: 12002021

With kind regards

The following data is required:
Email address
Tariff change
Tariff name
Contract account

finally, the tariff name must be compared in an Excel!
These must be called exactly the same

Do you have any ideas?

best regards Christoph

@bertc - Here are the Regex Patterns:

Email address
Tariff change - Not sure where is text in your email???
Tariff name
Contract account

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thank you very much! that’s enough for me :wink:

Have a nice evening

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