Studio "Record" option not recognizing all keys entered on mainframe session

New to UiPath. Trying to record a mainframe HOST (Quick 3270) for CICS application workflow. Other than the keys like ENTER, TAB etc., no other keys (any alphabet, symbol or numbers) are being accepted.

Are there any setting(s) that needs to be modified to address this?

Can someone please guide?

You should use Direct Connection, not a separate client.

Also, recording isn’t great anyway - if you stop at some point you can’t continue with recorder. It’s better in general to code the steps manually.

Have you done the free training on the UiPath Academy web site?

Thank you Paul.

Our proof of concept involves scraping data from multiple applications, say browser, excel and a mainframe emulator. So, we tried the record option hoping the workflow it creates would be a nice start. But the unrecognized key strokes during recording (when on a mainframe session) has halted our progress.

Do you have any suggestions?

There is a separate recorder for Terminal Session:


Hi @ashwinstorm , if the recording did not work for identifying keys which helps navigating in main frame, just normally build the workflow with coordinates from main frame screen