Studio ReadOnly

I opened the Studio and the Main.xaml is ReadOnly.
The robots are not running now.
Orchestrator connection is alright.
Robot type is attended.
I tried reconnect the robot with Orchestrator.
I tried shut down and open the Studio.
I tried change the robot type(unattended, Studio…).
Still ReadOnly.
Could anyone help me?

I had to change the robot type to unattended and re-acquire the license from orchestrator at studio-settings-license tab.
It works.

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hi @jhj3627,

Can you Try Going to the Project Folder and Removing the ReadOnly Check from the Main.Xaml and the Project Folder.


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I didn’t have been marking the ReadOnly option.

OKay , have you tried Running Studio as Administrator ?

Oh. will be that the solution?
I’ll use that later if I face this problem again.
Now It is okay cause I’m using unattended bot.