Studio publish to Orchestrator

Dear community,

I have a problem with publishing solution to Orchestrator.

We are 2 people working on same project AND using the same computer (multi login).

I have robot configured and studio is able to publish to Orchestrator.
Colleague is using same computer, therefore cannot activate machine 2nd time (shows connected, unlicensed).

Any way, how we can get Studio to connect to Orchestrator and publish the project, without activating the robot component?

Hi @Slowloris,
You can do this in two ways. One is to have Robot connected with Orchestrator and publish the package directly to it. Second way is to publish project locally and manually send it to orchestrator. You need to login to Orchestrator tenan and go here:

Not possible to activate Robot, as the computer is already activated under different user…

Having manually upload to Orchestrator feels very unconvinient. Really no way to connect Studio to Orchestrator without the robot?

P.S. This is just CE issue, or same thing will happen with Enterprise version as well?

Studio is always going through the Robot, so this is the only way.

Thanks for info.

I know, that for Enterprise version, you can get developer license on a node. Is it possible to have such solution on community edition?

Unfortunately it’s not possible. In CE you can have licence only provided from network automatically by application or from Orchestrator through the Robot.

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