Studio properties showing wrong name queues in Get transaction item

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I have noticed some naming convention is wrong for queues activities for Get transaction item .I checked different queue activities names both activities and properties name are same.

Please find the screen shot for Get transaction item

Here is showing correct naming convention for other queue activities.

If i am wrong kindly ignore.

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Hi @Reddy_Paluri,
Thank you for letting us know. Let me move this to proper category and I will inform devs about it. Not sure if it’s intended or not but definitely somebody should take a look on it :slight_smile: Thank you


Hello, @Reddy_Paluri, and sorry for the late reply.

You’re right, there is this inconsistency between the activity’s type and default name. The reason for it is that the activity was developed to get individual queue items, but was later regarded as more explicit if it was called “Get Transaction Items” (due to the clarification brought by the use of the term “transaction” = “queue item that needs processing”).

In order not to break backwards compatibility with workflows which already used the activity, the type (UiPath.Core.Activities.GetQueueItem) was not changed, and it will remain the same in the future as well, or at least until we decide we really need a specific “Get Queue Item” activity.

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