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could anyone tel me what is the difference between studio and studio pro.

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Studio pro provides more unit testing features than studio, which is ideal for enterprises which require thorough testing before putting a process into production.

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Studio pro provides more testing features like Test suite 360 and some testmanager and mobile automation features than studio and Studio pro for test suite 360 is not open source.

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Is that the only difference?
what about hyperautomation?

what about hyperautomation?
Hyperautomation describes “how the combination of RPA and disruptive technologies such as AI, machine learning (ML), process mining, decision management, and more can be used together in an end-to-end automation solution
Is that the only difference?

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Thank you!! hyper automation is included in studio pro?

Yes in some advanced Fast and Accurate Document Processing with AI-Enhanced Document Understanding kind of features are included.

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