Studio pro profile is not availble in the start page


In the start page, only studio X and studio profile is available.
Im not able to switch to studio pro profile

Please find below the screenshot of the start page as well as the license page in automation cloud


Kindly help to fix the same


Did you get any update for the UiPath Studio, Here is the link which can help you


Hi @Akhil_K_V1,

Which version of studio you are on?

If you are using studio version < 2021.10.1 , then please refer below post for how to resolve this:

And if your version is >=2021.10.1 , then please note, studio pro profile is merged with studio now, so you wont see any studiopro profile there but will still be able to use all studio pro features under studio itself.
Please refer below post for same:


Studio Pro was merged in to Studio profile in latest release

Thanks @sonaliaggarwal47 @dokumentor.

Im using the latest version 2021.10.3. Thanks all for your quick support.
Happy Automation!!!

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Hi @Akhil_K_V1,

Glad I could help :slight_smile:

Now that your query is resolved, I would suggest to please mark solution that resolved your query so this topic can be closed.


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