Studio, Orchestrator, Robot and an expired tenant

Hopefully this is the right place to ask this question. I completed the Orchestrator training about a week ago and when I went to work on the Level 3 developer training I was unable to connect to Orchestrator at I guess that may be due to a tenant expiring since it was more than 7 days. What I am unclear on is that I can still run the previous projects from UI Robot and can still publish from Studio to grab the assets that were in Orchestrator. Is there a way to recover my old tenant? It appears that the asset information must exist somewhere on the platform.

@daveloff - I do not think there is any expiry of the tenant on the community version of the orchestrator. Did you use the ‘Default’ tenant or create your own tenant? In both these cases, you can try resetting the password using the ‘Forgot password’ link. Did you try this option?

Thanks. I tried that before writing the post but did not receive any emails when clicking forget password. I will just re-register the robot as I plan to do the training again one more time before trying the certification test.