Studio Licenses

Hi all,

I am still in the process in understanding the number of studio and robot licenses that I will require and would need the community’s help.

I am planning to have 2 env - Dev and Prod. Assuming I have 2 orchestrators, 1 for each env.

If I were to go on and purchase 1 studio license, can this license be ‘interchangeable’ between each env ? or the studio license can only be tagged to either of the environment?

Your help is greatly appreciated!


Hi @robot_learner

If you have the latest 19.10 version for Studio and Orchestrator, you will be able to connect to both Orchestrators with one Studio license using the External license feature when provisioning your Studio in Orchestrator: Managing Robots

What you have to do:

  • ask for a stand-alone Studio license key
  • license your Studio using that key
  • in Orchestrator, provision a Robot of type Studio and check the “External license” checkbox
  • doing this, your Studio will be connected to Orchestrator without consuming a license, therefore without you having to have a Studio license on the Orchestrator key

We did this feature exactly for this kind of scenarios, when a developer using Studio needs to connect to multiple Orchestrator instances.

I hope this helps!


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