Studio lags heavily when editing an activity title (when user has a multiple workflows open)

Please see my highly technical recording of this phenomenon. (Note: I finished typing the activity title, one handed, before 6 seconds into the video. Studio caught up at about 13 seconds.)

A fresh project will be fairly responsive (although there is still a slight delay behind each keystroke).

In the video recording, I had just opened Studio afresh and opened 3 relatively simply workflows. Doesn’t seem to be a system memory issue, as the rest of Studio is fine; no other performance issues to note. It is just specifically when changing the activity titles.

Does anyone else experience this? I’m on 2018.4.5 , but have seen this in earlier versions too.

This problem should be solved in newer Studio versions.


@Pablito i am using 2019.4.4 (ent edition) and i still have the problem

Please give us more detail. How’s looking your CPU and RAM utilization when it lags. Which version of net Framework do you have etc.