Studio lagging and crashing despite plenty of resources on VM!

I’ve reinstalled studio a few times and its performance is still abysmal.
Any action such as adding activity, changing toolbar banner view, managing packages - will make studio stop responding. Hitting run or debug will hang for several minutes before attempting to start the execution, and same once it’s finished. The actual execution itself is fine and expected speed! I just really don’t understand what’s wrong with studio itself! I sometimes even have to add a comment activity just to kickstart it when it’s hanging after I hit run!

It’s making any kind of development incredibly painful. How do I fix this?

VM info:

Studio version:
Studio 2022.10.3 - 10/27/2022
Enterprise License
Per-user Installation

License Provider: Orchestrator
Activation ID:

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit

Task manager with no execution running (it doesn’t really change after I hit run either):

The performance issues are regardless of complexity of the flow/number of activities. It doesn’t matter which project I have open.

Dependencies for the current project:

Please help! I’m reaching the end of my tether!

Are the XAML files you’re working with stored on a network share?

Studio is very disk intensive. Move the project files to a local folder and performance will be much better.

Yes it’s on a network drive because we have separate VMs for test and prod environments, but actually it doesn’t need to be. You might be right! I will try it and let you know, thank you so much

Edited to say it seems to have done the trick. You have saved me much pain! Can’t thank you enough @postwick . :slight_smile:

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