Studio keeps crashing when using external monitors

Hello all,

I’m having the following situation. My setup for work is a 4k laptop and 2 external 1080p external monitors. When using studio on the external monitors it crashes from time to time, and when having 2 instances of studio open it crashes every hour/2 hours.

I’ve updated the drivers, switched to studio 22.4.6 because I thought that would be much stable since I was using 22.10, but none of that worked.

Any ideas on this? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Can you please share how the crash manifest? A video and maybe a project would help.

Hi, I can’t share that because even the error window would show as see through window, I would just see the countour of the window.

I think I’ve fixed it though, I changed the resolution on the 4k laptop to the closes I could to the monitors and this way the laptop processor is used less and studio is not crashing anymore. I think the IDE just needed more memory and when using multiple instances on an external monitor, the scaling calculations Windows put more pressure on the processor and made studio crash.

Curious how this only happened with studio thought and not other apps.

Hello @Bogdan_Jianu

Can you open task manager and monitor the CPU utilization when you are using multiple instances of the studio?