Studio got stucked

Hi Team,

This is sandhya working as a software engineer in a startup company. We are using the Uipath community edition for a few years. It is an extraordinary testing tool. But we are facing one issue now as the scripts which we designed and have a size of more than 100MB is not opening and the studio itself got stuck.

We got this message and are unable to proceed next.
This project uses legacy Windows support which is being phased out and will no longer be available for new projects in the next Enterprise version.

Please check this and provide the solution asap.

@sandhya1986 ,
Is it throwing any errors?

The system got freezed and was unable to perform any actions.

Hi @sandhya1986

Would you mind having a look at the Windows Even Viewer to check for any Studio related errors to the crash that you are experiencing?

Also, if I understand correctly - you can no longer open your big project in the latest version of Studio?

Or does it only stop working and opening after you run the converting tool?

Normally, the default setting for the conversion to a Windows type project is creating a copy of your project, in which case you should still be able to use your original legacy project.

it only stop working and opening after you run the converting tool.

Thank you for confirmation.

Given that such big projects are hard to reporduce, would you mind sharing your project via a private message with me?