Studio Family FAQ

- What is the relationship between StudioX/Studio/StudioPro? - Are there separate installers for the different SKUs?

  1. What is the relationship between StudioX/ Studio/ StudioPro?
Answer: There are two concepts that are important to understand:
  • SKU: A SKU of Studio controls the capabilities that a user has the potential to access. When Studio is licensed, the license is for a particular SKU, and the product then shows the corresponding capabilities to the SKU.
  • Profile: A profile dictates what the user sees when they have selected that profile. Profiles are targeted at specific personas (e.g. Business User vs. Developer). A profile in this world is a type of capability.

There are two Profiles present :

  1. StudioX (Business User): The StudioX profile makes choices to limit the activities capabilities to keep things simple and easy to use for business users without software coding skills.
  2. Studio (Developer): The Studio profile is targeted at RPA developers and focuses on giving users access to the full set of capabilities available in their SKU.

We have three SKUs :

  1. Citizen Developer (StudioX): The Citizen Developer licensed SKU only grants the user access to the StudioX profile, and therefore the StudioX set of capabilities.
  2. Studio: The Studio SKU gives the user the choice to choose between the Studio (Developer) or StudioX (Business User) profiles.
  3. StudioPro: The StudioPro SKU gives the user their choice of profile (StudioX | Studio). At this time there are no additional capabilities in the StudioX profile for StudioPro. The Studio profile brings Test Automation capabilities to the Studio (Developer) profile.

  1. Are there separate installers for the different SKUs ?

Answer: No, it is a single installer. The SKU is controlled by the license used when activating the product.