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Hello All. I have a bit of a problem. I have an issue after installing Orchestrater for which I’d like to create a enterprise support ticket. The form asks for a Device ID which I gather comes from installing Studio. Upon licensing Studio, I’m met with the Licensing error, “Activation failed with error: 106 Error description: Licensing model data missing. Without it, the license cannot be activated.” Manual licensing also fails.

In short, how can I contact enterprise support if I do not yet have a Device ID?

I asked them several times if they could delete this from the support form. You could try to put just a couple of question marks in it. That should get you through.

What is your problem? Maybe we can help you on the forum

Thank you for you replay. Admittedly I’m feeling a bit inept as the install seemed fairly straight-forward. This is coming after a fresh install and the errors I’m seeing appear to be related to the Application Pool.

Event ID 5002 Application Pool ‘UiPath Orchestrator’ is being automatically disabled due to a series of failures…
Event ID 5011 A process serving application pool ‘UiPath Orchestrator’ suffered a fatal communication error…

Searching the forums, similar issues suggest the problem may lay with the app pool identity /user. I’d like to keep the DefaultAppPool Identity, confirmed the batch log on is set and the identity has access to the UiPath\Orcestrator folder. I also created a separate, local account to test, but it seems to have the same issue.

At any rate, the “??” suggestion for the Device ID on the Support Ticket request worked.

Do you have Microsoft monitoring agent installed on your Server?

I do have Microsoft Monitoring Agent installed.

You can try this (see link). We had the issue that the IIS site kept crashing after upgrading. With a fresh install this problem might occur too. Delete (not disable, delete it) the MS agent first. Reboot the machine, then install Orchestrator. after that you can enable/install MS agent againt, but disable the APM monitoring. Otherwise it can crash again. It has a conflict with Orchestrator.

edit: in case you already installed orchestrator, you could skip the installation and first delete/disable the MS agent.

Thank you for that suggestion. After uninstalling Microsoft Monitoring Agent, I was presented with error messages that were easily worked. The site now loads.

Thanks again!

You’re welcome. Glad it solved your problem!

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