Studio Enterprise & Dev Orchestrator (Non-Prod)

Hi Dears,

I have questions about the stage of move the project to production:

  1. if i use my community license studio does that will affect on project or version of activities. … what is the recommendation
  2. about studio with enterprise license:
    where can i find the link to download & how many studio can install and link with same production orchestrator (how many developers can connect their enterprise studio to same prod or Dev orchestrator)
  3. dev orchestrator license should be on-cloud or it can on-premise, and how can i configure the number of developer to push and access the orchestrator.

i appreciate your response.

Hey @takyysh

It’s not about community or enterprise license but it’s about the version of the tool you are using.

It should be same in a the environments and also you should use cloud or on-prem for both not like one as cloud and the other as on-prem.

Hope that helps


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Thanks so much