Studio enhancements

We just upgraded to Studio 2021.10.5 and was hoping to see some improvements in the Studio tool itself. There’s many new things that I love, like For each File in a Folder

Remember the sort order for Variables and Arguments. I like to see them alphabetically because when doing copy/paste from another project a var can be brought over again with a different Scope and you won’t know you have a duplicate. Why is this not the default sort order? It appears to based on the date a var was created which makes no logical sense.

Validate Projects - This does not validate for missing xaml files. Not everything is put into a library and sometimes it’s necessary to copy/paste code from another project, and if you forget that a snippet has a dependency you won’t find it easily.

Working with .xlsx

  • Write .xlsx is not perfect and I sometimes have to export a DT as .csv, then open in Excel and do a save as.
  • Read Range of .xlsx will fail if using a header and there is a row below the header that has any additional columns.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll look into improving this. Some of the areas, like the missing dependencies it’s a priority for future releases.