Studio doesn't work properly since a few days

Hi! Since a few days, I cannot use Studio as I was. I am on 20.10.5 and activities such as Invoke Workflow File or Invoke Powershell have a new look & feel and do not work. Ex.: Invoke Workflow File has no argument list in the activities, argument collection is empty. Etc. All was absolutely fine since months. I know people have issues with other activities like Build Data Table. Any idea?


I have the same version like you, but for me the studio appear to work fine.
Can you provide maybe some screenshots to better understand the issues?

Can you check Manage Packages, to see if you are in the latest version of activities?


Let me re-install Studio for the 4x times and I will do screen copies. I tried to update all the packages and libraries. Then I went back to previous ones. I tries to apply the preview or only stable versions. Nothing changing at end. Invoke Workflow File does not work. Same for Invoke Powershell and many other components.


Here is a first picture about Invoke Workflow File

Here for Invoke Powershell

Hi @FautVoir

Just for the record, does it happen on a new project as well?
Also, while you do the fresh install, please reference this topic for detailed instructions:
How to fix your Studio installation / Licensing issues

Please let us know if it is still the case after following the instructions from the above topic. We’ll figure it out.

Thanks Maciej for taking care of us! It is fixed on our side. In fact, UiPath’s support team simply didn’t want to investigate because we used screen copies with Community Installer… We have many developers in our company and pay tens of development licenses… Anyway… We have found the root cause and there is chance that many companies face the same issue if they use McAfee ENS 10.7 with strict rules on how applications access to Powershell services. We had to reduce the level of controls McAfee ENS does while UiPath and McAfee speak together about the reasons why we have to do so. Nothing to see with Installation. Nothing to see with Licenses. Just UiPath and McAfee not good friends (Which is potentially a big issue! ;o).

Thank you for this feedback! We’ll have a look if there is something we can improve here.

Hi @FautVoir

Would you mind helping us track down this bug? Our team has trouble reproducing it locally with McAfee ENS trial at maximum level of security set.

Could you maybe share some insights into the rules that you had to adapt to make it work for you?

Also, just to clarify - there is no specific powershell command that you are trying to run, it is just that when you try to add the Invoke powershell activity, it throws the particular error, correct?