Studio does not connect to for each server user


We have Uipath studio on a server 2019 OS.

Installation has been done with a service account which is local admin. With start up Uipath Studio and connecting to, no connection is made.

When signin to the server with a differend windows account, UitPath studio can connect to cloud uitpath com.

Both users are local admin.

Both users have correct proxy settings, and are able to go to via a browser.

how can I get both windows users to act the same.


Do you get any connection at all? Or does it say unlicensed on one?
If the latter:
Do you have 2 studio licenses assigned to that machine?

With windows user A (personal admin) I can connect,

with windows user B (service account). So it is about user B.

We have cloud orchistration

Can you attach an image of the error/how it looks when you try to connect with the service account?

Ther is not much to share via an immage there is no error message

With sign in this keeps beeing there, like a time out.

With other user, automatically a browser is opened.

There fore we expact it is somewhere in the real of user / install on de windows server 2019 it self