Studio crashes continuously on 22.4.x and 22.10.x

21.10.X had some bugs which we could live with and it did not impact our workday so much. Nonetheless we decided to upgrade Studio to 22.4.x which had its own issues (including the one being mentioned here). So we thought the 22.10.x must have fixed many bugs from 22.4.x, which it has but the most important bug we expierenced still exists.


The case opened in the customer portal Case #:01879857 has asked us to wait until a new Studio version is released (22.10.4, or .5). But lost man hours waiting for a fix while the developers keep getting demotivated with lost work has made me write this feedback here.

Error details

The details of what happens is dicussed in this thread. @goel.saloni tagging you here for traceability.
UipAth studio keeps crashing -due to a critical internal error - Help / Studio - UiPath Community Forum


Studio closed the active project due to a critical internal error. You may retry to open the project.

Error: UiPath.Studio.Contracts.RecoverableException: Studio closed the active project due to a critical internal error. You may retry to open the project.
   at UiPath.Studio.Project.Client.Ipc.Services.ProcessTerminatedBehavior.HandleProcessTerminatedInternal()
   at UiPath.Studio.Plugin.Workflow.Services.ProjectProcessController.<OnContainerProcessTerminated>b__19_0()
   at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.<>c.<ThrowAsync>b__128_0(Object state)
   at System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.InternalRealCall(Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs)
   at System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.TryCatchWhen(Object source, Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs, Delegate catchHandler), HResult -2146233088

Today my instance crashed over 16 times and my colleague also lost his work over 10 times. Version control does not help with this bug. The updates/edits made in the workflow just disapper when restarting, if the opened workflow is not saved before the crash. The crash does not trigger any auto saves.

We observed that this mainly happens in the Windows version of UiPath Projects and since we are currently working mostly on test automation, I cannot confirm if this happens also on REFramework projects ported to windows. Test automation projects (Windows version) we work on were not ported, they were create anew in Studio.

@Emerald since you are currently working on Test Automation projects, have you experienced this failure in your Studio Instance?

We really wish and hope this bug is escalated, but I do not see it being mentioned in the known issues section in the release notes: 2022.10.3 (

Thank for your efforts and consideration.

PS: Studio is the core product of UiPath. We would love to see it being stable again. Studio is the golden goose. It deserves/needs more TLC :slight_smile:

Hi @jeevith,

I haven’t experienced this error so far.

This forum post discusses an error message that is almost identical to the error message you receive. In this post, the error occurs in projects containing ForEach activities.

I couldn’t reproduce this error in Studio 2022.10.3 and with UiPath.System.Activities (22.10.3) but it might help to focus your debugging process on this dependency.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that this problem will be resolved soon.:crossed_fingers:

Best, Emerald.

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So many reports of problems with the new versions and with the “Windows” mode, seems like UiPath maybe shouldn’t force everyone to that until it’s stable.

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Hi @Emerald,

Thank you for your inputs. The forum post was helpful. But I have also noticed that this happens when a For each loop is absent in the workflow. Both the origin and the error message is cryptic.


In my opinion, I do have to say to people wanting to port to windows, do not do it, yet. Let the porting / migration tool mature for one more release. This release 20.10.3 is a hard sell. Things will be fixed, but as of now Windows projects has lost us many developer hours in multiple projects.

Our pipelines are also down and we have to manually upload nugets to our different orchestrator enviornments. Again, windows project is the cause. Bug → Packing of Windows version projects → AzureDevops - Feedback / Other Products - UiPath Community Forum

The robots do not have any issues, but Studio as a development interface for windows projects is not mature enough for enterprises.


@postwick UiPath is not forcing the windows. It’s just the recommended and the default option.

But you are free to select any compatibility and it’s still a supported scenario.

I’m using version 22.10.5 but issue still occurs. how do you solved this problem?

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