Studio - Connection Failed Access Token Error

When user attempts to login to UiPath Studio with machine key (first connection), an error thrown, "Connection failed. Could not obtain access token. (invalid_grant)." A production license has been applied to the machine.

Issue Description:

Studio is installed on an on-prem VM using Cloud Orchestrator for licensing. Confirmed Automation Developer - Named User license applied and all required services allowed through firewall. Unattended robot installed on same VM with separate machine key operates as expected when assigned jobs.

On login with user credentials, "Connection failed. Could not obtain access token. (invalid_grant)" error immediately returns.


  1. Uninstall Studio
  2. Delete following folders,
  • %localappdata%\UiPath
  • %appdata%\UiPath
  • %programdata%\UiPath
  • %userprofile%\.nuget
  1. Re-install Studio
  2. Sign into Orchestrator using machine key, then user credentials.