Studio connect to Orchestrator failed after a Studio update

Hello everyone,

I have a problem since the Studio did the update from 20.10.3 to 20.10.4.
I cannot connect my Studio to Orchestrator.

I don’t know why. When I click on Log in from Studio.
I have this error message saying that the given key is absent from the dictionnary

And my Robot is disconnected since this update.

Can anyone help me out please ?

@loginerror @Pablito maybe ?

Thanks in advance


Hi @najoua.abbaci,
From what I was able to see before you anonymized the data (:smiley:) you have already configured you robot with your user data. The option you see for logon is dedicated mostly to Community users which are not familiar with connecting robot manually. What you will need to do is to go to your assistant and then to Orchestrator settings and change connection type from URL to Machine key. The rest you should know :slight_smile:

Thank you @Pablito for your answer and sorry if it isn’t easy with anonymized the data.
The thing is that evertyhting was working fine and then I had the Studio update. And now from the uipath assistant I cannot change the Orchestrator Settings etc…

I’ma using the Community edition by the way. (I don’t know if I mentioned that)

So when I’m trying to connect from Studio to Orchestrator and after have this error message. When I go to the assistant to check the connection, this is what i have

And sometimes I have this (but I cannot change anything, it’s blocked)

Try to click “Sign-Out” or “Disconnect”. This should allows you to edit data :slight_smile:

I tried but nothing is happening :-/

From here :

When I try to disconnect, i have this error message

it is written : impossible to authentificate, disconnected from Orchestrator

Hi @najoua.abbaci

A wild guess, but could you try to restart your machine to check if that fixes the issue? It could be that the robot service did not restart properly after the update, and that is typically fixed by a machine restart.


Ok i will give a try, I’m working from a Virtual Machine. I don’t know if this is link to the problem too.

it was that simple !!! and i was doing a lot of tries since yesterday!
Thank you @loginerror it was my solution

And thank you @Pablito for your time too !