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Any one could you please help me on complete use case? i.e., related to RE- framework
I am getting erors continuously…

Venkatesh Cheeni

@venkateshcheeni09 what is your issue,I could help you

I am getting errors i.e., 6 to 7 errosrs. could you please help me on that.

Venkatesh Cheeni

I will look into that,if you send me the scenario or screenshot of the issue?.

shall we connect in zoom or skype …so i will share my screen will try to resolve my issues…

I am sharing the screenshot here…

@venkateshcheeni09 Are you clicking the hyperlink using click activity right?.please check the selector and fine tune it.In addition,cross verify by inspecting that element in webpage or application

No i am not clicking on hyperlink… i am clicking on line item in an application. could you plse able to connect in zoom.