Studio acting up

Suddently, out of the blue, studio didn’t want to launch anymore.
I read here that removing and reinstalling the app would solve the problem and it does, studio launches again, but now my ref template dosnt work anymore…
Anyone an idea how come and how to fix it?

Missing packages. Please delete jason file and re open Studio. it will load all dependencies.

I saw that comment before, in a different thread, how can I, you need the package.jsonfile to open the project. And it’s not only on the exsisting projects, but also if I start a new one

Yes for every project, xaml will create a json file.
if you start new one… new json file will create. every json file will directed by AllDependencies file.

I’m confused, about what .json file are you talking?
For a new project the project.json file still needs to be created, so shouldn’t that automaticly resolve the dependency issues?
What’s also weird, the project I was trying to open was part of the level 3 exercise 2 assignment.
As you probally know the assignment is 2 parted, containing a dispatcher to get the items and upload it to the qeue and a performer processing the items.
On new projects I have the dependency issues, the same for the performer, but when I open the dispatcher, there isn’t and problem, neighter is there with the first exercise of level 3, while they all use the same dependencies

I managed to resolve it, it wasn’t so mutch a dependency issue as it was a version issue, the newest version of studio is 2019.08, while the workflow was created in .06