Studio 2024.2 - issue when saving annotations

As he points out, if you are using Annotation,you need to be careful when editing Projects in this version of Studio. I also use Annotation, so the current situation is a bit troubling.

Issue One.
When clicking the save button, the Main Annotation disappears from the display. It will appear when you open the project again.

Issue Two.
If you edit an Annotation other than Main, click the Save button, edit an Annotation other than Main again, and click the Save button, not only the display but the value itself will disappear.


Thank you for the bug report. I just want to let you know that for the second scenario, you can work around the issue by first clicking anywhere in the designer canvas (so that the annotation editor loses focus) before clicking Save, or by using the CTRL-S shortcut.

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Thanks for @David_Barzi
I’m glad you had the method you described. Let’s get start it.

This should be fixed in the upcoming Studio 2024.4 :slight_smile: