Studio 2022.10 not working properly


After updating studio to 2022.10.1 version my studio is working too slow & also if i try to run or debug file it is taking really long time to execute & getting stucked sometimes. I have converted my project to windows.
In windows legacies version i used directory.getfiles query to get a text file & stored it as string variable & later i used it in read text file activity it was working fine then but after updating to windows version i am unable to use that variable in read text file

HI @mohamedalthaf
Even i faced slownes in the studio , team will fix this up on coming days for sure

Means? can you elaborate and share some screenshots or video?


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Hello @mohamedalthaf

After migrating your project to Windows, Please try to update all the dependent packages.
Hope that can resolve the issue, as I also faced a similar error after migration.


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Thanks @Rahul_Unnikrishnan will try it

The directory.getfiles comes from two different namespaces, add which namespace you would like to work with.

Ie.“”) - that will work.

I see the same issues regarding execution startup, it can take everything between 5 sec up to 30-40 seconds at the longest for the execution to start up. Really annoying

Hi @mohamedalthaf,

Kindly delete your double quotes and write them again. For some people it works.

Please give it a try.


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@Michaeljep don’t know why but its taking more than 15 minutes to start execution for me & sometimes it is ending as timeout

My startup time has only increased from less than a couple a seconds to 30-60 seconds, but that is still very annoying.