Studio 2021 Community Survey

Studio 2021 Community Survey

Now that 20.10 release is near :rocket:, we are getting ready for 2021 planning :writing_hand:.

:point_right: Please complete a 4 min assessment to help us better understand your journey for 2021 planning.

We truly appreciate your support and for being part of the UiPath community. :love_letter:

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Hi Mircea. Can you describe “near”? Are we talking end of October? end of Q4?

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I tried another web-based RPA solution (Automation Anywhere, MS UiFlow (PowerAutomate)).
As a result, web-based development tools are really inconvenient.


Feel free to share your biggest worry around the usage of such a tool. We’ll take it into consideration :slight_smile:

  1. Development performance
    Web-based development tools eventually have to install Exe files in order to handle Ui of local system.
    The EXE program continues to communicate with the web browser.
    Most web development tools performance is bad. (Literally development performance, web browser is too slow!)

  2. Accessibility
    The advantage is that web development tools can be developed easily and quickly, anywhere.
    However, Uipath Studio is very easy to install compared to other programs.

  3. Nuget Package
    The strength of Uipath Studio is that it is a .NET-based workflow.
    Being able to use all of the .Net libraries is a huge advantage, like open system.
    (mostly impossible for other programs, only libraries made with RPA development tools can be used, close system)
    I am worried that this advantage will disappear in web-based tools.
    (Probably using the package uploaded to the orchestrator)

The web version of uipath studio seems to be a strategy that came out to strengthen cloud capabilities or expand AI business.

Despite these concerns, it is welcome to find new options.
Uipath’s diverse product line remains attractive. I hope to continue to be the No. 1 in RPA business.


Even i would share the same opinion .
Web based studio is not comfortable .

But i would like to see one option in power automate which is not there in uipath .

Some long running process like approval flows etc would take days to complete .
I dont see any option available in uipath for these long running scenarios .We would need to split the flow and it becomes complex to track and thread .

I would like to see a option available as below ,
in power automate , we can define flows . once its deployed , platform itself takes care of servers sessions . you can initiate thousands of flows at a time and it scales servers automatically . Even this logic remains same to azure functions/aws lambda .

If there is something in uipath where ,
if the process is doable from backend and doesnt need any ui interaction , there should be option to these processes to be deployed in self managed servers , where it will take care of robot ,machine, login , deploy , run everything and also can scale the server when there is heave density load .

Please let me know if this makes sense .

Are you referring to the backend (background) process running on the server itself?

Yes , long running backend process running on any server by itself . We don’t have to create/manage robots/machines manually and they themselves gets deployed in some server and also can scale by it’s own.