Studio 2021.10.3 which design to use classic or modern

Learning Uipath. Downloaded community edition Studio of 2021.10.3. In general which design is used classic or modern? Is RE Framework is used in every project in uipath? Thanks a lot.

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Learning Uipath. Downloaded community edition Studio of 2021.10.3. In general which design is used classic or modern?

in my opinion got with the classic design experience you would get standard Ui Activities to automate. Modern Design experience is new feature in studio and it enables new way to use our UI activities. Please refer the below link for better understanding.

Is RE Framework is used in every project in uipath?

In my opinion and knowledge RE frame work is best practice and it will make our process automation more robust and easily manage and enhancement would be very easy. But we no need to use RE framework for each and every project. if it is simple and straight forward process which doesn’t need any work queues(very simple usecase) go with the sequence or flowchart would be sufficient.

please refer the below forum thread for better understanding.

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Let’s go one by one

Starting with Studio 2021.10, the modern design experience is enabled by default for all new projects. To find out what changes it brings, read about the differences between modern experience and classic experience.
Please note that all projects created in the StudioX profile use the modern design experience by default.

If you want to use the classic design experience that includes the activities, wizards, and recorders that were available by default in Studio v2021.4 and older releases, disable the modern experience for specific projects or configure a global setting that makes it the default experience for all new projects. The project-level setting overrides the global setting.

  • To enable or disable the modern experience for a project, in the Project panel, select Project Settings , then use the Modern Design Experience toggle from the General tab and reload the project.
    :information-source: Note: You can enable the modern experience for projects created in Studio versions prior to v2020.10, which use the classic experience by default.

And for this

Well not really

REFramework is a template that we can choose based on our choice
It’s not set by default

Whenever you are creating a new project you will choosing some template here

If you are doing a complex process automation with lot of exception handling to be incorporated then it is suggested to go to REFramework

It is not mandatory to take that template for your project but if is suggested for good practice

Hope this would help you

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To be honest, I find the classic interface a lot more accessible then the modern one.
Especially UI activities.

This may be because I’m used to the old, and subconciously not yet open for something new (I’m old, old people thend to do that), but I’ve been educating myself a bit on the modern interfaces the last few days. At my company we’ll upgrade from 2020.10 to 2021.10 next februari, so I’m trying to get used to the changes to train my team later.

The UI’s of the automation activities are definately better, allowing you to enter the most commonly and mandatory in/output fields in the building block rather than the properties panel. But the whole selector setup, including the forced embedding of the UI activities is rather messy in my opinion. Through that it takes more time todevelop a simple UI flow, and it feels like it is easier to make mistakes with it. This could of course be my inexperience so far with the modern version.

My fear is that the modern version is growing towards the same user experience as with many MS office tools. There the UI and thus usage is molded in such a way that the most commonly used features are prominently on top, but the features to tweak with, are hidden so far or even blocked, resulting in not being able to finetune your solution. I’d hate to see the Studio starting to ‘think’ for me. Excel and Word are always wrong too in that respect :slight_smile:

As for your question as a starter with UiPath: just try them out both, and see which fits you better.


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Can any one please advice me how to do HTTP POST request in Uipath. I can do GET, but do not know how to do POST call. Thanks a lot!


@A_Learner ,

If you are able to do GET request. It is very easy to perform POST request by changing the method to POST.

There are two ways make POST calls depend upon the REST api which we are using.

First method is make post call with end url and input parameters in parameters section like arguments.

Second method For some post calls you have to make POST call with end point URL with sending Parameters as json body.

First method is easiest way you can achieve by simply passing parameters.

If you are API needs second method. Please follow the below thread it will guide you. Thanks.

@KiranKumar, Thank you for your response.

Another question is why do we need Document Understanding? There are get text/get text with ocr/screen scraping activities.
Please advise when exactly we need these different kinds of activities. Thanks so much for clarifying.

  1. get text
  2. get text with ocr
  3. screen scraping
  4. document understanding


Another question is why do we need Document Understanding?

Document understanding is the Uipath latest technology to automate unstructured PDF documents (image or standarad) in this tool we can classify the fields available in the PDF to make robust automation on the unstructured data. For more understanding refer the below UiPath link under academy it will guide you better on the document understanding.

There are get text/get text with ocr/screen scraping activities

Get text or get OCR text activity is used to get the Ui information in text format. For suppose we would like to get one small information(eg: label information) from the Ui screen we can use get text activity to get that particular information. if the Ui screen is image(it is in under remote machine we are accessing application through RDP/citrix) in that case we can go for get OCR text it will extract the information from the image.

  1. get text - in case we need to scrape any information from the Ui screen
  2. get text with ocr - In case we nee to scrape information from the Ui Image.
  3. screen scraping - if you want to get the entire text from the application and also you can use some methods like Full text, Native, OCR etc.
  4. document understanding - in case we are having unstructured(different lay out) PDF documents to automate.

please refer the below links for more understanding. i hope this information will help you on your question.

Thank you for clearly explaining.


Your welcome.

Good Morning!
Another question, what version of Uipath is going to be used in 2022? I am learning only classic design. Will the projects be using the latest version of uipath everywhere? Is C# going to be used in the projects? Also the Apollo design of Orchestrator seems to be the latest. Do I need to learn this? In essence what is the version I need to be strengthening in?
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Let’s go one by one

Usually the core concept remains the same
Only the UI of the application and new features will be added or existing feature will be enhanced
But there won’t be any removal of existing feature

So even when you develop with current version it can be accessed or opened with the upcoming version of UiPath

It’s not like C# is going to be used
But it can also be used

In current UiPath studio we have C# and vb net as two option of developing bot
You can choose based on your need
It is available from 20.10 version
For more details refer this thread

Yes it is always recommended to learn orchestrator as well
Eventually you will find it’s need when creating more bots especially when you want to run the bots in unattended mode and in a scheduled manner

If you want to track the transactions you are processing you will be in need on queues and transactions which is there in orchestrator

And similar to studio even there will be lot of enhancement in UI Experience and with new features but core concept remain the same

It’s always better to be updated with new feature and new versions
There is no particular version to be strong at
Each version is a upgraded one to its previous versions
So you get to know more but definitely not less in terms of features

Hope this clarifies

Cheers @A_Learner

Thanks a lot! Great answers!!

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How much do I need to learn to be a good Uipath developer? Can you please point me to some good resources? This will really help me.
Do I need to know also?

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Will Modern design be made mandatory to use going forward? Or is it an option to use classic or modern?

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Use modern.

Don’t use RE Framework for anything other than massive, complex automations. It’s overkill and overcomplicated for most automations.

They’ve said they have no plan to remove the classic activities. Even in modern, you can set the filter on the Activities tab to still show you classic activities in case you need them.

Thank you!